Total Remote

Universal remote control capable of learning IR signals

Total Remote allows your favorite Pocket PC to function as a master remote control, replacing all your current remote controls. It can also allow you to control infrared devices nearly 100 feet away - up to three times farther than the typical AV remote!

The magic behind Total Remote’s transmission power is the Transmitter Module, which uses your PDA’s audio hardware to perform its long-distance feat. (See the sidebar for more on how we’ve done this.) Total Remote also supports built-in Infrared (IrDA) ports, though the range may be shorter. Many of the newest Pocket PCs have exceptionally powerful IrDA ports that can work very well for remote control, and IrDA support also means Total Remote will work with Pocket PCs that do not have audio hardware of sufficient quality to use the Total Remote Transmitter Module.

Our Total Remote Software gives you the power to replicate and replace your current remote controls. It comes with profiles for thousands of TVs, VCRs, DVDs, and other devices, and you can edit existing profiles or add new ones. Total Remote even lets you grab specific commands from your hardware remotes to create “virtual” remotes that look and function the way you want. We also give you a set of skins so you can change Total Remote’s appearance any time you want, and full instructions in the Skin Developer Kit to design your own.

Total Remote


Total Remote 2.2.577